List of things done so far: Rebuild Motor (rings, bearings, seals, headstuds, fuel pump, oil pump, timing chain, balance shaft elimator), new clutch, new water pump, new alternator, new radiator, new battery, new shocks, new rear framerails.

Just this past weekend the brake line went out above the gas tank. My buddy's garage dropped the tank to get at the lines and the sending unit and tank split from the rust. I need a new tank and sending unit but cannot find one. I did a search and it looks like aftermarket tank/fuel cell is my only options. Is this correct?

D50 at gas pump.jpg

D50 bed off small hole.jpg

D50 bad frame.jpg

D50 bed painted.jpg

D50 frame repair1.jpg

D50 frame repair2.jpg

D50 frame repair painted.jpg