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Thread: Hello to everyone from the home of rock and roll!

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    Hello to everyone from the home of rock and roll!

    I purchased a 1987 mitsubishi mighty max in september 2011. Its a 4wd with 2.6 liter. Truck showed 60000 miles when i got it whether this is right or not i will never know. The first thing i did was put a rebuilt carb on it. It ran like crap until it warmed up and was told by a mechanic in memphis tn they could not the carb kit to repair it. They said the secondary accelerator pump was bad. Anyway got it up and going with rebuilt carb. Starting getting noise from tranny pulled it out put new clutch, pilot bearing , throw out bearing and had input shaft bearing put in tranny. Starting getting a oil leak coming from inspection plate if thats what it is called unded intake. Had 2 ten mm bolts it in fixed that and by the way also had to put a brake master cylinder on it. Put new brakes on back also. Repacked front bearings. Does it ever end or am i fighting a loosing battle! Any comments would be greatly appreciated because it seems around here there are none of theses trucks and nobody seems to know much if anything about them! The mitsubishi dealer we have in memphis tn is of little to no help and u pay dearly for anything u get from them. Note i thought that a truck with this few miles would not have all the issues i have had but oh well life goes on. U win some and loose some. I really like the little truck but man its a pain! Where is the light at the end of the tunnel? Told the ole lady i aint a mechanic now but when i get thru with this truck i will be or perhaps bald! This looks like a great forum to learn about these trucks and hopefully i can be of help to anyone that i can share my recent experiences with. God Bless each and everyone on this forum! Take care, Jason!!!

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    These truck are easy to fix.
    It just takes some love to make them last forever.
    You just need to think they were built during the transition period between the fix it your self generation, and the take it to the dealer to have the car tell the kid what to replace generation. So asking questions is normal.

    Is the truck new to you?.. If so see below
    #1 rule never to break,,,,, never EVER over heat it... Flush the radiator.
    #2 change all oils. Brake, trans, dif, trany,
    #3 change engine oil & filter
    #4 change fuel filter & hoses if necessary. Hard and brittle = bad
    #5 tune up, plugs cap rotor and what not's.
    #6 change timing belt if you have one.
    #7 lube every grease fitting
    #8 at 4000 miles see rule 3 & 7
    #9 at 8000 miles see rule 8
    #10 at 12000 miles see rule 8
    continue rule repeat until 24000 miles see rule 1,2,3,4,& 5
    repeat as necessary.
    Once you hit 50,000 miles see rule 6

    OH you can also look here.
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