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  1. Diesel burning oil
  2. Fuel pump question
  3. Glow plug system question
  4. Balancing Shaft Elimination Kit for a 4D55 / 4D56?
  5. Cheap but good glow plug solinoid
  6. Alternator went out, what did you do?
  7. 4D56 Parts
  8. California Emissions Junk
  9. Is it my ECU?
  10. Back on this site!!
  11. 4d55 head parts
  12. Cylinder Liners/Sleeves
  13. motorkote
  14. 4D56 Head & Injector question
  15. My 4d55 performance build
  16. Mitsubishi Triton
  17. Questions on overhaul 4d55
  18. valve adjustment
  19. diesel PU on craigslist
  20. Help! NO FUEL/ Fuel Pressure
  21. 1986 mighty max Gear Ratios?
  22. Troubleshooting a starting issue 85' 4d55
  23. chronic overheating
  24. Cylinder leakdown test results/comments
  25. 136.5mm valves to be replaced with 130mm valves
  26. Mercedes OM617 swap?
  27. New guy with a 4d55. Need a cylinder head!
  28. I need some help
  29. performance fuel filter and air
  30. 4d55 fuel delivery problem?
  31. Blown head gasket
  32. Inherited Diesel Mess...
  33. Cooling fan clutch
  34. Jdm diesels
  35. Engine Part Numbers 4D55 4D56
  36. Oil light strange issues
  37. Smokey and rough idle starts
  38. SAD time for the 4d55 ITM PISTONS NOW OBSOLETE
  39. Diesel Links, Turbos, Injectors, Parts and builders.
  40. 4d56 engine questions
  41. MainePrepper, you found us.
  42. New user needs 4D55 rebuild advise.
  43. advice on buying a turbo diesel
  44. 12v glow plugs for 4D55
  45. Need some help finding parts for my 4d55.
  46. Need help with turbocharger gasket on '84 4d55
  47. What is the PCV system supposed to look like?
  48. Oil pressure changes
  49. Sourcing a 4D55/56?
  50. Injector pump parts
  51. Need help with turning up the fuel.
  52. Bad diesel noise-wtf is it?
  53. Intercooler fan on 4D55?
  54. Anyone seen Mike Warme?
  55. Need help with a tranny
  56. 4D55 Rebuild/Fuel Info
  57. No Torque, No Power?
  58. 4D55 Getting it started... help
  59. 4M40/41 swaps?
  60. Tensioner pulley seized up
  61. Rebuild Kits
  62. Not getting enough fuel -- idles but will not rev
  63. Cummins Powered Ram50
  64. Ram50 Build
  65. Swapping a 4G54 for 4D55?
  66. Testing a Speed (Tach) sensor on the 4d56 injection pump
  67. Pics of the diesel progress
  68. GREAT SITE!! FOR A great TRUCK! (NEW OWNER SINCE 8/23/13...
  69. 1986 ford ranger 4d55 diesel
  70. looking for a 4d55t, or 4d56t
  71. Why are my rocker arms breaking??
  72. blowing fuse
  73. How much boost can it take?
  74. Group buy of brand new 4D56 turbo engines?
  75. 4 cylinder diesel getting it done nhrda world finals...
  76. 4D56T head swap details?
  77. 4D55 Maintenance
  78. 4d55 oil pressure
  79. Diesel pistons on Ebay
  80. 4d55 wastegate actuator
  81. Possible to convert 4D56 4x4 trans to RWD?
  82. Killed my turbo
  83. New Truck and New Issues!
  84. need a radiator
  85. Best engine oil to use
  86. Good place to buy rings and bearings?
  87. Pull with transmission or not?
  88. Difference?
  89. Let the Rebuild Begin!
  90. High/Fast idle device location?
  91. My 1984 D50 4X4 Turbo Diesel Build/Modify/Correct
  92. 1983 Mitsubishi Turbo Diesel restoration by Mike Warme
  93. Thermostat Switch for electric fan
  94. New Rebuild 2 wd 1983 mitsubishi pickup
  95. Fan and clutch the same?
  96. Picture request
  97. Water cooled turbo
  98. 85 turbo diesel rebuild
  99. Oil Pressure & Hard Morning Start
  100. rebuilt turbo= no boost
  101. Oil pressure & underheating problems? 4d55
  102. alternative engines - how to make it work?
  103. 4d56t turbo upgrade
  104. Swapping 4d55/Electronics into a gas truck
  105. Injection pump? Loss of power?
  106. 12MM plunger
  107. 4d55 water pump needed.
  108. how can you tell if your head is a 4d56 head?
  109. Mystery Sensor on head by fuel filter....?
  110. 4d55 electrical short??
  111. glow plug fuse blowing...
  112. Judging interest for group buy 4D56T (Hyundai D4BF)
  113. Help with 4d55 Timing belt timing
  114. To Replace, or not to replace?
  115. 4d55 compression pressure. Please help
  116. Fuel Filter Question
  117. Does this 4D56 sound like it's firing on all 4 cylinders?
  118. EGT Gauge
  119. My 4D55 gets a new 4D56 head. PICS OF SHINY THINGS!
  120. Source for 4d55 or 4d56 head bolts in US???
  121. Pics of my '84 SP
  122. Bleeding problems
  123. Diesel Conversion
  124. What is the bare min for a 4d55 to run?
  125. The Great Dilemma!
  126. injection pump timing
  127. 4D55t in 86 ranger injection pump adjustments
  128. 4d55 IP wiring
  129. Need throttle cable
  130. '85 Diesel idles fine but low power
  131. Exhaust locale, side exit?
  132. Trans might be going out in my '84 4x4 5 speed diesel. Any tranny swap options?
  133. Help!!! Wanna get my truck operational
  134. Diesel Purchase of NEW engines . Will buy/order on September 30.
  135. New here, new possible purchase
  136. Blew up 4d55 last night-coolant system overpressurized
  137. PSA: '85 Diesel Mighty Max on Seattle Craigslist - $750
  138. 4D56 Power Output
  139. Glow plug replacements!
  140. New to me 4D55
  141. 4d55 started misfiring and smoking horrendously
  142. Oil Filters for 4D55 the Monsters PH6353/MD069783
  143. Engine identification
  144. Interest in Japanese USED 4d56 non turbo or t/i engines?
  145. Flywheel Issue?4d55
  146. cold start issues 4d55
  147. 4D55 piston protrusion
  148. Battery under bed
  149. 1984 Diesel Indicator Question
  150. Help!!!
  151. 1985 Dodge D50 Power Ram Mitsubishi 4D55 Diesel motor question
  152. Injector nozzles 4d55t
  153. 4d56 head-installing injectors
  154. 4d55t valve cover gasket
  155. HELP!!!!
  156. How to replace fan clutch? 4d55
  157. EGT Probe Placement
  158. Head Gasket Leak? Photo.4d55
  159. 4D55 Pistons
  160. Grinding noise when depressing clutch pedal
  161. 4d55 head bolt size?
  162. Replacement turbo
  163. 4d55 Oil Pump quick question
  164. 4d56 and 4d55 injectors and head swap
  165. 4D55-T - I think my turbo's bad
  166. 4d56t head questione
  167. 4d55T Rebuild Kit Question
  168. 4d55 transmission torque specs
  169. Just got a 1983 Power Ram 50 with a 4d55 in it, have a few questions
  170. Engine Timing and glow plug burn out?
  171. 1984 4d55t question
  172. looking for roller rockers, 4d56
  173. 4d55 random power loss
  174. looking at a 4d56 to swap my 4d55
  175. Balance shaft(s)?
  176. Power Steering Pump leak
  177. Running hot
  178. Zexel/Bosch VE pump Manual
  179. 1983 Dodge Power Ram 50 Diesel 4x4
  180. Balance shaft completely screwed up
  181. diesel project
  182. New 1983 D50 4D55 owner
  183. A few quick questions
  184. 5D55 Compression failure after new 4D56 head and new headgasket installed.
  185. What's the buzz?
  186. AC Bracketry Chaos, Help Needed
  187. excessive shaft play? TC05-10A "NOS" seems fishy
  188. new here ... couple questions for a future diesel purchase
  189. 2.0 gas to 2.3 diesel conversion question
  190. Fuel Pressure?
  191. Suggestions for new air intake kits/upgrade?
  192. Can I use a 1981 gas 2wd auto D50 as a donor for a 1985 dodge ram D50 4x with 4d55 ?
  193. Sourcing new injection tube gaskets
  194. Injection Pump bit the dust
  195. Mind sharing a photo of your turbo inlet manifold and EGR valve?
  196. 4D55 Ram vs Ranger Starter?
  197. Injector Pump Wiring 4d55t
  198. 2.3TD - Need advice
  199. 4d56 head replacement needed?
  200. Head bolt threads stripped ?
  201. power steering leaking
  202. 4D56T performance modifications, My Build
  203. 4D56T Head Questions
  205. 4x4 swap? New to Mighty Max! NEED HELP!
  206. Head Gasket source and advice?
  207. Camshaft Bearings?
  208. Help. 4D56 head swap, will not run.
  209. Reputable source for new 4D55 injectors?
  210. Coolant Temp
  211. 4d55 Might Max, Repair Questions, Usual Newbie Stuff
  212. 4d55 Rough idle and Lots of white smoke
  213. Part identification question, 4d55 (picture)
  214. 4D55T Injection Pump Replacement Studs
  215. Coolant doing weird things
  216. 4D55/4D56 Head Differences
  217. How long to hold manual glow plug button on cold mornings? 4d55t
  218. Another 4d56 head sawp question
  219. Kinugawa Turbos, what do you guys think?
  220. Oil pressure and fuel injector questions
  221. 4d55 turbo where to get a good turbo or what to put on????
  222. Block Heater Source
  223. 4D55/6 ARP Head stud part numbers
  224. Fuel Issues... Possibly?
  225. Lightweight Crank Pulley Opinions
  226. 86 ranger diesel glow plug issue
  227. Brake shoe size
  228. 1983 4D55! My first diesel.
  229. Radiator compatability.
  230. Methanol injection.
  231. 2 D-50 Diesels for sale
  232. Gasoline to Diesel Swap
  233. Starts and runs fine the first time... just don't turn it off of stall it...
  234. Wiring Diagram
  235. Hard cold starting
  236. 4dbh
  237. new owner-86 Ranger 2.3 Diesel
  238. 2.3l gauge panel help
  239. Fuel tuning and injectors
  240. 1984 Dodge Powerram 50 4D55 engine - instrument and electrical issue
  241. 83 d50 weatherstripping
  242. Trouble starting 2.3TD when hot
  243. 4D55 Cam and Rocker are Reassemble!
  244. Anyone with experience with the 5D56T or 4M40, vs the 4d55t engines?
  245. Oil blow by
  246. Front case oil leak
  247. Cooling fan
  248. Cooling system: vacuum failure
  249. New member with a '84 max
  250. 4d55t injection pump tach